How to Remove Page Number from First page in MS Word

remove the first page number

The Microsoft Word 2013 will start numbering the first page of your document. When your first page belongs to title page then you have to start the page numbering from the second page. It’s possible to set it up without changing or affecting the page number mechanism. There are several ways to do it, we are going to show you the simple method of all.

Deleting the Page Number from First Page

In Word 2013, working with the items in the header like pages numbers are little tricky. The header/footer appears on every page and gets generated automatically. You need to adjust the entire page numbering mechanism, to delete a page number from a specific page. Reading below to learn, how to remove the first page number in Word 2013.

Method 1:

Step 1: Open a document in which you want to remove the page number on the first page.

Step 2: By clicking the Insert tab at the top of window.

Step 3: Click on the Page number drop down menu in the Header & Footer section on the ribbon.

Step 4: You can choose your location for page numbers, and you can select your preferred page number format.

Step 5: Select the Design tab under the Header & Footer Tools

Step 6: Check the box of Different First page in the Options of the window. If you want to start the second page with “1” then continue below.

Step 7: Clicking on the Page Number drop-down menu in the Header & Footer section on the window. Click on the Format Page Numbers.

Step 8: You can change the value at the Start at box to “0”.

Step 9: To apply your changes, click on the OK button.


  • Click on the Insert tab at the top the window.
  • Click the Page Number button and select the style of page number you want (or any pagination).
  • Click the checkbox of Different first page in the Options section in the ribbon.
  • In the Header & Footer section of the ribbon, Click on the Page Number button and click the Format page numbers.
  • Enter the starting page number at Start at box to “0”.
  • To apply your changes click OK button.

Method 2

We are going to insert the page numbers from the second page either on Header or Footer.

Step 1: Open the document that you want to edit.

Step 2: Click on the “Page Layout”

Step 3: Click on the Page Setup dialog box located at the right corner of the section.

Step 4: Click on the Different first page option under the Header & Footers.

Step 5: To apply the changes Click on the OK button.


We hope you’d like this tutorial, how to remove the page number from the first page on the Word document. You can feel free to drop your comments on the below comment box.

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