How to install Kodi on PS4

In this article, we are going to show you How to Install Kodi on PS4? There are many good functions provided by Kodi for PS4 and it is one of the best media players. Most of the gamers use PlayStation platform to play games. It the best platform for gaming. Users of PS4 can stream media to the console apart from playing games on it and now let us see how to install Kodi on PS4.

Kodi is not directly available on the PS4 platform, it can be done with the help of Plex. It is similar to Kodi which allows you to play HD videos on the TV screen.

  • Connect your PS4 console to the TV and make a stable internet connection.
  • Find the popular bar at the top and click on it, then scroll down the list.
  • You can find an application called Plex. Click on it and install it to your console.
  • You need to login to the app, after the installation is complete. If you don’t have one you can easily sign up for a new account.
  • Log in the same account of the Plex on PS4. Enter the code which is displayed on the Android device to the PS4.
  • Go to the System=>Settings and you need to enable three option that Shows Camera Roll, Advertise as Server and Network Discovery.
  • Once you have marked all three, now you can easily stream the movie and Kodi videos fro the mobile device to PS4 connected the TV.

Similarly you can install Kodi on Xbox with a simple guide available at


Now you are successfully installed Kodi on your PS4 if your Android device and PS4 connected with the same network then you can access the videos and other media from your Android device on your PS4. This is the complete guide on How to install Kodi on PS4. You can feel free to comment below. if you have any queries.

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